MEK – MP800C

Made in South Korea



Made in South Korea 

Features & Benefit

Various Option & Stable Performance for SpO2 .

  • Selectable for main stream (CAPNOSAT) and side stream (LoFlo) by Respironics (Phillips) Inc.
  • Side stream is micro-stream (50ml/min) and possible to use between adult to neonate. It can measure maximum 150breathe/minute.

Various Function and Convenience Setup .

  • Virtual Screen (Full, EtCO2 mode, wide numeric display, trend mode)
  • Color Tone, 72Hours Trend, RS232(STD), LAN Network(Optional), Multi language
  • CART & Quick Basket: Ward, Portable, and Doctor’s round
  • Quick Basket for IV pole: ER, Ambulance
  • Semi Modular type to easy maintenance
  • Optional Printer


Light Intensity controlled SpO2 Technology®(LIC SpO2)

SpO2 module of MEKICS adopts optimal technology against noise as controlled of light intensity spontaneous according to the variation sensitivity of sensor and various patient who has different penetration (based on the thick, human race, and skin condition, the penetration will be different). It is named “Light Intensity Controlled SpO2 Technology”

Virtual Screen

It enhances the utilization of monitor depend on the application environment as convert to necessary display with changeover button.

It is easy to convert the display such as full screen, numeric display, trend, and event manager, etc.