MEK – MP1300

Made in South Korea 


MP1300(PAMO 7)

Made in South Korea 

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Features & Benefit

User Friendly

  • Easy to operate with touch screen(See & Touch operating)
  • Useful operating with smart key
  • Stronger event function
  • Selectable of monitoring display and UI(display wave and parameter)
  • Virtual screen

Sufficient Function for OR and ICU

  • Maximum 10 waves display
  • 7ch ECG, SpO2, NIBP, 4-IBP, 2-Temp, Respiration
  • Multi-Gas(including auto gas detection; CO2, O2, N2O, Hal, Enf,Iso, Des, Sevo) or EtCO2(main stream or side stream)
  • ICO(Invasive Cardiac Output)

Specialized for OR and ICU

  • Module removable function(e.g. put the monitor upside but module can install beside of patient). In complicated OR and ICU, possible to arrange the connection line to patient and also increase of endurance for measuring sensor.
  • Max Sensitivity for the patient who is impossible to measure of SpO2 and NIBP caused by low blood flow
  • Auto & Manual QRS detection, S-T Segment, Arrhythmia and Pace Maker
  • 30times event management and trend
  • Drug Calculation, OxyCRG, PWV, HRV

Technology :

Max Sensitivity for SpO2 & NIBP(On/Off)

In case of ICU, over 10% patients are difficult to measure of SpO2 and NIBP due to the low blood flow. The patient monitor is helpful of monitoring to clinician so it should be satisfied both of sensitivity and stability simultaneous.

If turn on the Max Sensitivity, it works with maximum sensitivity on the assumption that a clinician is monitoring. The sensitivity is increased until impossible to measure by manual and assist the clinician’s decision

Light Intensity controlled SpO2 Technology®(LIC SpO2)

SpO2 module of MEKICS adopts optimal technology against noise as controlled of light intensity spontaneous according to the variation sensitivity of sensor and various patient who has different penetration(based on the thick, human race, and skin condition, the penetration will be different). It is named “Light Intensity Controlled SpO2 Technology”

Arrhythmia Reduce Algorithm in NIBP

It is hard to detect of blood pressure for arrhythmia patient. But MEKICS creates the Algorithm to detect for the arrhythmia patent in order to get the pulsation compare with actual blood pressure so the algorithm is possible to measure of mean pressure logically.

Auto ID of Multi Gas Monitoring

In the Muti Gas module, it is including the function that detects the anesthetic automatically. It can be monitoring of the using anesthetic and ensure against risks

Virtual Screen

It enhances the utilization of monitor depend on the application environment as convert to necessary display with changeover button.

It is easy to convert the display such as full screen, numeric display, trend, and event manager, etc.

UI :