– Easy and quick to setup
 – Save time with automatic access to previously used power settings and modes
 – Precise surgical effect with power control dia


– In the lower range, the power setting can be adjusted with high precision thanks to nice control (1 watt).
-In the upper range, the power can be adjusted with convenience to setup due to wide control (20 watt).
 – Include both monopolar and bipolar outputs
– Accepts preferred accessories

Standard 3-pin pencil and 1-pin pencil, most standard footswitching device, standard 2-pin bipolar
footswitching device


– Increased patient safety by returnpad contact monitoring system


– Front panel connecting with monopolar 3-pin plug, monopolar 1-pin plug, returnpad connector, bipolar plug and footswitch connector

PPS (Patient Protection System)

PPS applied to monopolar with micro pulse technology makes the returnpad burn eliminate by 500 times/sec contact monitoring system between patient and returnpad. If the contact condition is not good enough to safety level, PPS
controls the output power automatically.

ACW (Arc-Controlled Waveform)

     New technology ACW has absolute output power at every mode of Coagulation, Blend, Bipolar like variable power of general ESU. However unlike general ESU which has “off time” on waveform, it has variable frequencies for pulse
continuity. The feature keeps the output power of general ESU strong and makes the electric arc be dramatically depleted.
Finally it minimizes not only the carbonization but also second bleeding by adhesion of the tissue.

 الضمان لمدة عام شامل قطع الغيار وصيانة مدى الحياة باذن الله من خلال مركز صيانة معتمد وفرع الشركة بالمحافظات
متوفر في مصر من خلال الوكيل الحصري شركة AM للتجهيزات الطبية – الأمين .


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