Smartness For your daily practice

With the rapidly changing medical environment, the demands of patients and medical practitioners are becoming more diversified. To meet the demands of customers, we need to respond to their needs and quickly adapt to the changes.
Providing both convenience of use and a prompt and accurate diagnostic process, the E-CUBE 8 will become a great partner for your practice. Your patients will receive individual service and care, and the productivity of healthcare will be also improved. The E-CUBE 8 is a smart, reliable product that ensures high performance with outstanding image quality and multi-purpose usability. The E-CUBE 8 is the most rational choice for you.

Clinical Image


– High-performance transducers and system

– Clear images for quicker examinations and more accurate diagnoses

Satisfaction with Image Quality helps you make clinical decisions with confidence.

  • Transducers powered by PowerView™: C1-6CT / P1-5CT

– The PowerView™ technology disperses heat generated by the transducers

– Improved durability, ensuring the stability of each diagnosis

– The increased efficiency of ultrasonic waves enhances the signal sensitivity and improves the expression of clinical images

  • High performance linear transducers: L3-12H / L3-12HWD

– The high-density linear transducers can be attached

– Useful for breast/thyroid/musculoskeletal/vascular examinations

High-Performance System

  • Use of a flagship model-grade platform

– High-end hardware and software platforms from the top model produced by Alpinion

-With the Dual pulser, clear and accurate Doppler data can be displayed while maintaining sharp 2D images

  • Optimal Imaging Suite™ Plus

– Alpinion‘s image optimization processing technologies

– Artifacts are eliminated effectively and boundaries between tissues are distinguished more clearly

  • Xpeed™

– Simply press the Xpeed™ button once

– Quickly optimize images in 2D Mode and Spectrum Doppler Mode

– Patient-oriented design and workflow for better patient care

– Can be used easily and conveniently in different clinical environments

Simplicity of Workflow Design improves quality of patient care in daily practice.

  • Power Preset

– Can load a system preset saved in advance with a single touch

– Will shorten the image setup time

  • SSD for quick exam preparation

– High-end hardware, including an SSD

– Fast boot time makes speedy preparation for examination possible

  • Battery that frees you from space restrictions

– The combination of compact exterior design and attached battery

– Can move to a different location while in Exam Mode

– More time can be reserved for patient care

  • USB 3.0 helping to focus more on patient care

– Data transfer speed for USB 3.0 ports is faster

– Reducing the transfer time when exporting data for patients or research

– A multi-purpose system used in all specialized areas that require ultrasound imaging

– It broadens the application range of ultrasound examination and ensures accurate diagnosis

Enhancement of Clinical Capabilities provides assistance in making informed decisions.

  • Elastography

– Relative differences in tissue elasticity caused by external pressure by using colors

– Indication bar shows whether the amount of pressure on tissues is appropriate in real-time on a scale of 1 to 6

  • Needle Vision™ Plus

– Using Beam Steering technology, this feature is useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle

– The needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps

  • Auto IMT

– The thickness of the carotid intima media will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen

  • CUBE Strain™

– A non-invasive examination method that is used to assess the myocardial function more objectively

  • Stress Echo

– The optimized examination workflow allows the user to perform a Stress Echocardiogram more quickly and conveniently

  • Volume Master™

– Alpinion’s 3D/4D features that enable you to obtain reproducible planes and better anatomical views

– Multi Planar Rendering (MPR), Cubic View, and Multi Slice View (MSV) providing the clinical benefits of CT or MRI

  • Volume Advance™

– It provides the following more advanced features for handling volume data: Free Angle MSV, AnySlice™, and Volume Analysis

– Anatomical and pathological characteristics and volume information can be delivered more accurately and in detail

  • Live HQ™

– Realistic volume images with the improved Volume Rendering technology

– The light source can be moved freely and the optimized color map can be applied in a variety of ways

  • Auto NT

– The maximum thickness of nuchal translucency will be automatically measured and displayed on the screen



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