AM for trade & import in now the exclusive agent for Chison ECO3 ultrasound.

Chison ECO3 Portable ultrasound with Pulsed Wave Doppler:

* 12 inch 30° Rotatable led monitor (reduces eye fatigue).

* Advanced image technologies:

1. Compound imaging.

2. I mage.

3. Tissue harmonic imaging – THI.

4. Speckle reduction imaging – SRI.

5. Automatic image optimization – AIO.

* Five multi-function keys.

* B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M, Pulsed wave Doppler.

* Full screen mode.

* Chroma.

* Two probe connectors & dual probe holder.

* Built in rechargeable battery 2 hours.

* Supports PC printer.

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